Male, Specialist, Slightly Crazy,



Specialist. Male.

Name: Ryan Mathias Pathfinder1.jpg
Hometown: Unknown
Affiliation: Black Thorn Guild, founding member
Current Residence: Black Thorn Manor, Pembrooktenshire
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 17.5 hands
Weight: 11 stones, lanky
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Scars: few to speak of
Hexmarks: Waterbreathing (1hour/level)
STATS: -Charisma: 10 (0)
-Constitution: 13 (+ 1)
-Dexterity: 13 (+ 1)
-Intelligence: 14 (+ 1)
-Strength: 9 (0)
-Wisdom: 11 (0)
Weapons: Glorious Dagger of Wealth (30% increase to money found; +3 AC)
Light Bow
Golden Glove (Unarmed attack does 1D10 damage, non-encumbering magic item)
Armor: Chain mail of ??? (
3 to sleight of hand)
Other Magic Items: 1) Amulet of sleeplessness (no need for sleep; immune to sleep)
2) Magic Hankie (prevents rain/mud from splashing on person)
3) Ring of Lore (+5 to Lore Checks)
4) Illuminated Pearl (Gives off more light than a torch; little crabs continuously spawn from it)
Retainers: None
Pets: None
Known Associates: Vespero
Extra Eye
Blessings: Luminera (any flame based illumination will not be put out by weather conditions)
Special Languages: Fish
Special Notes: 1) Natural Full Ranks in Bushcraft & Search
2) With items, full Ranks in Lore & Sleight of Hand
3) Natural 4/6 Ranks in Language
4) Working towards getting full ranks in Architecture (2/6)
Through interaction with a Dryad, Ryan gained an extra point in Bushcraft. This also gives him the urge to promote/cultivate plant life in his travels


Ryan has always been a wanderer. It was sheer happenstance that he passed through Pembrooktenshire and met up with Vespero. As he was relatively low on funds and needed the work, Vespero told him about a manor a few days travel from here and how recently the group he sent had lost a member of their party. Ryan believed that it was just bad luck for the sorry sod who died and hoping to make it big, travelled to the manor grounds only to discover the place is haunted by moving statues.

Various things happened, and the group was able to complete the request set out by Vespero. Additionally, Ryan decided that it would be best if he and his new compatriots had a base of operations and so purchased the rundown manor on the outskirts of town turning it into the Blackthorn Guild. Through trials and tribulations, the guild has slowly but surely expanded and prospered. The guild has a variety of ways to make money through the selling of magic plants to breeding and selling animals. Recently, Ryan personally brought over a rare breed of wild boar. These boar are green and much larger than your average pig, which will surely raise the quality of our stock and fetch a higher price for its uniqueness.

Ryan had a mental breakdown during the middle of his travels on the abandoned isle of the dwarves and ran away from the group. After separating from the party, Ryan was able to collect his thoughts and sort out his emotions as how he came by this. He was a scholar and now he is one of three who leads a mercenary group. Another one of the leaders recently tried to eat him as a result of the influence of a evil wolf deity. Although they were able to break the hold the deity had on Malandra, Ryan believes that there is a lingering desire to eat him. Ryan then found out to his horror, that he has become able to speak with fish. Although he does not know where this ability originated, coming to a town that catches and kills fish for a living is not the best place to come to grips with this new ability (curse?). Having fish scream at you as the butcher cuts their head off, or cuts into them as they are still alive will stress any mans mental facilities. Even more so for someone who has been running without sleep for over a year. All of these things finally accumulated until Ryan couldn’t take it any longer and he just up and left during the middle of his night watch.

Upon the successful completion of the dwarven skull quest, Ryan found himself with a purse full of money. With this, he was able to obtain his first hex mark, which allows him to breathe underwater (6 rounds/level). He was able to also obtain a Golden Glove which turns his unarmed attacks into that of a great weapon. To try to further develop the products/animals that can be purchased through the Blackthorn manor, Ryan and the rest of his party members decided to purchase a breeding pair of Ergoraptors. Hopefully the first clutch of eggs comes out to be a decent number. Ergoraptors can lay clutches of between 2-12 eggs at any one time. This coupled with the breeding of the dogs, pigs, and horses, should help improve the diversity.

On his current excursion, he found out that a fish has been traveling with the boat from the fishing town. The fish has been eating the black sludge that is produced from the boat and has developed cancerous growths all over its body. As an upstanding human being and friend to said fish, Ryan hopes to be able to find something to cure the disease that is killing his friend.


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