Malandra "Mal" Westbrook

Warrior. Werewolf. Woman.


Name: Malandra Westbrook 6d03422279fc3d1793abc9701edaaed2.jpg
Hometown: Westbrook Farm, outskirts of Westmire
Affiliation: Black Thorn Guild, founding member
Current Residence: Black Thorn Manor, Pembrooktenshire
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Height: 19 hands
Weight: 13 stones, well-muscled
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Scars: Several battle marks
Tattoos: Faery on left shoulder, Sign of the Archer on right wrist
Hexmarks: Charm, at the base of the back of her neck; Enlarge, at the crook of her left elbow 8a3335544d7e8c38b9b5649140a7acc4-d3gpc7p.jpg
Charisma: 14 (+ 1)
Constitution: 15 (+ 1)
Dexterity: 13 (+ 1)
Intelligence: 4 (- 2)
Strength: 18 (+ 3)
Wisdom: 7 (- 1)
Weapons: Strong Halberd of the Whale (+ 1 AC, + 2 vs. Ranged Attacks, + 25 HP)
Tethered Spear of Remedy (+ 2 save vs. poison, tethered with 50’ rope)
Tethered Orc Slayer (+ 2 Spear, + 5 vs. Orcs, tethered with 50’ rope)
Armor: Enchanted Chainmail (will shift with her into werewolf form, and fitted to hold weapons on back even while shifted)
Magic Items: Amulet of Thorns (1d4 damage vs. melee attacker), resize.jpgEnchanted Acorn (allows communication with dryads)
Retainers: Timothy (Pembrooktenshire apprentice)
Argyle (orphan bastard squire)
Pets: Sapphron (faery)
Fenris (dog—magically enhanced to 45 hands high, 215 stone, plate-barded)
Known Associates: Vespero
Extra Eye
Special Abilities: Lycanthropy, Charm Person, Enlarge
Known Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Archaic Dwarven, Canis/Lupine


Malandra’s childhood was neither joyous nor overly tragic. Her father was a farmer who tilled his fields without an ox, as he was too poor to afford one. Her mother kept their garden and toiled more often than not alongside her father in the fields. Mal, too, worked the soil as a child as did her younger sister, Larkin. Her father had been disheartened by he lack of sons only because he could not afford the dowries expected for him to provide his daughters with favorable matches. Neither Mal nor her sister cared for the farm life, but neither could bring themselves to abandon their family…until the day their father fell dead in his fields. His heart had finally given out. After much discussion, Mal and Larkin decided one of them would leave to find work, while the other would stay with their mother and attempt to keep the small farm afloat. They flipped a coin for it, and Mal’s fate took her to the road. She vowed to send home money to help support Larkin and their mother, and set out to make her lot in the world. 10 years have passed since she left her home.

While she has not seen her mother or sister in a decade, each month, for the last 10 years, Mal has deposited silver into an account in the capital. She keeps track of the ledger and knows that each month the account is accessed and a note is left detailing the state of the farm and the health of her family. Mal had mostly been scrapping by over the years, but the last two years have proven to be increasingly lucrative.

It all started when she encountered one of the Duke’s men in the village she’d been working in hiring for an expedition to discover the whereabouts of a missing baron in a neighboring county. After the successful completion of that adventure Mal found herself being summoned to the town of Pembrooktenshire and introduced to the mysterious Vespero. Through Vespero, Mal met several other adventurers. As they began completing jobs for the Antiquarian, the rag-tag band of treasure hunters coalesced into a fairly formidable mercenary band. After one particularly impressive haul, the adventurers earned enough to purchase their own estate on the edge of town. They named it Black Thorn Manor, and took it upon themselves to start a treasuring and mercenary guild. The more their fame grew, the more challenging—and rewarding—their job offers became, and the more time and effort they poured into the guild. No matter how busy she’s become, Mal always has arrangements to take care of the family she never sees or speaks of.

Malandra "Mal" Westbrook

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